Saturday, November 17, 2012

Brewery Art Walk!

So I've keeping myself quite busy this fall with a handful of art projects and collaborations, as you can see in previous posts. We showcased some work in the bi-annual Brewery Art Walk in downtown Los Angeles in October which went really well! Made some great collaboration connections for in the future, saw plenty of old friends and met a lot of great people!

The Brewery Complex is massive and beautiful with a lot going on.  There are so many artists living and working there, all doing something completely different with their space.

aaaaaand here's our work displayed:

Shark Slice @ Art Walk from Laura Krause on Vimeo.
We had access to a 4k projector, so why not throw some of Eric's fish footage on the wall?

3d shadows, Eric's lightbox photography, and my old sculptures!

art walk success!!

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