Saturday, November 17, 2012

3D Shadows Prototype

We played around with the idea of making 3D shadow art one night in my living room. We took a light track with red and blue gels to create the color effect. Virtually anything you place in front of the lights looks awesome, even hedgehogs.

After picking up a 50" rear projection TV on craigslist we gutted it, making it our very own shadow projection box. 

We installed the light track and for the sake of a last minute prototype we fashioned a wooden cube and a bulb made from an ornament and clear straws [but for whatever reason coat hangers look REALLY awesome as well, haha]

If you have 3D glasses handy, use them for this video!! It works well even via a computer screen.

Oh, and I made some pretty sweet 8bit shaped 3D glasses with Eric's light paintings printed on them.
We have bigger, more elaborate plans for making 3D shadows in the future, this was just something we threw together the night before the Brewery Art Walk. And by night before, I mean a few hours before, falling asleep with straws in hand.

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